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WHY Choose Wiedman Real Estate Advisors, LTD.

WHY choose Wiedman Real Estate Advisors (WREA) to represent you, the Tenant?

Office space is expensive – typically in the top three most costly to a business. Your office defines your image to clients and can be an attractor (or detractor) of quality employees. In this climate when every dollar counts, a Tenant must be diligent and select the best representation. Landlords are expert lease negotiators because they do it every day and a tenant needs that same expert representation. Every lease provision, if not fully negotiated can have a significant and detrimental impact on a company’s bottom line. A Tenant representation broker – a good one anyway – provides more than just listings of available properties or sets up a tour of buildings. Commercial transactions are complex and lengthy endeavors. In order to achieve the best economics, flexibility, and minimize risk a Tenant must have an experienced and tenacious advocate throughout the process. If you are looking for office space for the first time, if you want to Renew or Renegotiate your existing lease, or want to relocate to a new space, WREA will help you. If you already lease space but have not reviewed your lease lately, it is a good time to do so. Depending on your lease obligations, termination date, or options (such as the option to terminate, renew, or expand), your organization may be in a position of leverage. Whether you would want to stay in your current space or move, due diligence now will protect your bottom line later. Engaging a professional Tenant representative with years of experience negotiating complex transactions is a prerequisite in today’s ever changing market. WREA is the best choice.

WREA only represents the Tenant, NEVER the Landlord

Unlike other brokerage firms, WREA only represents TENANTS. WREA does not and will not represent landlords, and it does not list properties. There is no potential for a conflict of interest because our sole interest is advocating for you, from start to finish no matter how long it takes, and no matter how big or small the transaction is.

Tenant’s Broker is paid by the Landlord; there is never a fee to the Tenant

Just as in residential transactions where all commissions are paid by the seller, all commissions in commercial transactions are paid by the landlord. The commission is incorporated into the economics of every lease as a cost of doing business (standard commission rates vary by market). If a Tenant foregoes representation the Tenant will not save money, if fact, without a Tenant advocate the Tenant usually pays more and incurs more risk. WREA will champion your interests, and your interests alone.

WREA’s significant industry experience works for you

Michelle M. Wiedman, President, founded the commercial real estate advisory and brokerage firm in 2009 and is a trusted advocate and advisor for large and small users of commercial real estate. Wiedman Real Estate Advisors is also a certified Women’s Business Enterprise (“WBE”). In the 14 years prior to founding the firm, Ms. Wiedman was a Senior Vice President with Grubb & Ellis, a Director with Cushman & Wakefield and a practicing real estate attorney specializing in both real estate transaction (lease review) and litigation (landlord/tenant disputes). She is a seasoned strategist, negotiator, advisor, and corporate real estate transaction specialist with an LLM (Masters of Laws) in commercial real estate. When engaged as your Tenant representative (broker) Michelle cannot and will not provide legal services because acting as broker and attorney on a transaction is a violation of licensing laws. All clients are urged to engage outside legal counsel.

WREA allows you to keep your focus where it belongs: on your business

Michelle does her job so you can do yours. WREA will navigate the waters of commercial real estate so you can continue building your business, serving your clients, and supporting your staff. Securing the best commercial space can be time-consuming and complicated. Choose WREA as your advocate so you can keep your focus where it belongs: on your business.

5 Common Lease Mistakes – Free Download

Leases are long-term (usually 5 – 10 years) obligations that can severely and negatively impact aTenant’s cash flow. Learn how to avoid common pitfalls in our FREE download.


WREA exclusively represents Tenants; not landlords or property owners. WREA’s portfolio of clients is diverse, ranging from small office and retail users to businesses seeking over 100,000 square feet. WREA serves not only the Chicagoland and St. Louis areas but also represents Tenants with multiple locations across the country by engaging and overseeing the best local brokers in the target market. Clients include:

  • General Office Users
  • Government Agencies
  • Medical / Clinical / Therapy / Counseling / Dental Providers
  • Educational Institutions
  • Non-Profit Organizations
  • Law Firms
  • Marketing and Research Firms
  • Media and Technology Companies
  • Architect / Engineering / General Contracting Firms
  • Retail
  • Restaurants
  • Childcare Providers